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The Artists House

When my new friend the muse visited my house over Christmas, she wasn’t sure what to expect she informed me after the visit. She hasn’t known me long, and didn’t come to my previous house, so she only knew what she had seen of ME, and of the conversations we had had….like when you pick up from people that they have a strange unexplained phobia over the colour of duck eggs, or they casually mention that they have a desire for a chandelier in the downstairs loo, or that they really really love barbie pink zebra stripes in the bedroom.
So, she came to my house, blind.
But, she did have one idea of what it would be….

It would be an Artists House. Because that is what I am.

But, when she visited, she told me a few days afterwards, it wasn’t what she was expecting……entirely.

The house was exactly as I had described it to her, she said, but it was what was within the rooms that was the unexpected. For instance, one thing in particular surprised her…..and that was that I am TIDY. I think she was expecting an eclectic mix of mess scattered on every flat surface, perhaps dried up paint brushes mixed in with the dirty laundry, and congealed marmalade on the telephone lost behind the toilet in the bathroom. Because, that’s how all artists are, right!! Er, well SOME of them are, but I’m not one of them! I’m tidy. I try not to clutter my self up, because I know that I won’t work productively if I haven’t got a clean(ish) space around me – and that includes my house as well as my studio.
And she was expecting half finished canvas’s drying on every available space. And that would normally be the case, but I haven’t been doing any art recently due to all the other problems in my life that I’ve had to deal with. So, next time she comes, that should be part of the set up. She will smell the turpentine, oil paint  and linseed oil as she walks through the door. It will be a  tangible thing that assails her.  

She was expecting more colour within the colour schemes of the house. I am an artist after all. But, I’ve only just bought the house and have taken on one that was painted in soft creams by the previous owners. I have learnt to live with the innocuous colours, but to start with it was a little strange for me. I left behind (my choice of) strong colour schemes at my last house and like colours around me, so I’m certain that when the rooms are redecorated, there will be more depths of brighter colour put on the walls in some of the rooms if not all. At least none of them are brown, or grey, both colours I find depressing.

She was expecting more arty ornaments and nick-nacks in the house, and I know that they will appear when I find them in the many boxes which are still awaiting being opened. That’s a definite!

She was expecting more pictures on the walls too, I think. And although I have finally got some pictures up, there are still more to hang, and more wall space to fill – so that will happen too.

But, since she has said that she was expecting more, I have been looking at the house and seeing what she means. But, I also know that there are signs within the house of who it belongs to……… the studio has a work board out, with various paints and brushes around it, work in progress ideas sketched on pieces of paper, and a “Jackie Adshead  member of the Guild of Erotic Artists” framed certificate on the wall (That’s a huge clue, isn’t it?!).  In the room I’m using as an office there is a couple of large book cases full of books on art, erotic art, travel, and an ever growing  pile of International Artist magazines. In the lounge there are more art books, and some small erotic sculptures of naked women, and one of an erotic couple. And in my bedroom, there is erotic art on the walls – and will soon be another one as the large centrepiece of the room, when I have painted it – at the moment its just an idea.

So, the clues are there.

But, I want to make it more than just subtle perceived clues. I want it to be screamingly obvious, to all visitors alike! ! !