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Not infront of the children

Discussing the subject matter of the painting with the person who has to live with it is always hugely important. I always ask questions to make sure that I am in total understanding of what they want, and why they want it. This conversation started with various questions from me – and one of them was whether she wanted the painting to be erotic? The answer came back that she would really LOVVVVVE it to be erotic, but because she had youngish children living in the house with her, she couldn’t possibly consider it as an idea. I thought about that, and realised that the basis of an idea was forming. I suggested that it may be possible to make it erotic, but keeping it innocent too. She replied “That’d be a challenge!” “Yep,” I happily replied, “And I lurve a challenge!” – let me have a think about it, and I’ll come back to you with some ideas.

I spent the night ruminating (as you do!) 🙂

And the next day rang her to discuss my idea.

She had already provided me with some photos for me to work from. I spent some time going through them searching for the ones that would let me put my idea into practice. And I had found a couple that were ideal for my purposes…….

I explained what I had in mind. She listened at the other end of the phone, and agreed that it should work, and would achieve exactly what I described to her. And she happily gave me the go ahead to do it! YAY!
The idea of it excites me. And better still, it excites her. I’m totally fired up with it, and can’t wait to get started on it!!!! I just had to ask her if there were any colours she particularly wanted in it – and she said her bedroom colours of cream and brown. Because this is definitely a bedroom picture! And I think it will look great in her bedroom, and asked if she wanted to add any more colours to it – suggesting red may be good? She agreed, caught up in the idea “Yes, red would be good, it’s the right colour for it!” And then went on to suggest two other colours she likes – purple, and silver. “Was silver going to be a problem?” She wondered, and I said “No, I’ve got some silver acrylic paint, it’ll work well with it!”. And said that I might incorporate some black in it too, to balance it with depth of colour, which she said was quite acceptable. And we agreed that adding the extra colours to the cream and brown meant that if she changes her colour scheme at some point in the future that it would still go with various other decors.

So, as far as her children are concerned, it will be an abstract painting. There will be lines, and blocks of colour, shapes, and tones. It won’t look like anything but an abstract.

But, to those who know what it is, it will be far more than that. It will be lines, and blocks of colour, shapes, and tones. But they will definitely mean something. Something very special.

Because it will be personal. Because she will be be in the picture. But, more than that…………

There are actually three people in the picture. And they are all naked. And they certainly aren’t being innocent.

Truly erotic. And yet, at the same time, not.

The sort of picture I love to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as an example of what it will look a little similar to – here is my “Tarse and Queynte in gold” painting – a simple abstract in creams and gold……………….