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Awaken within

Today was going to be reasonably quiet, with me working on the new painting later on – probably about sixish. But, as is sometimes the case, things didn’t go quite to plan……..

It turned out that I had to make a journey today I wasn’t expecting, a car journey to deepest darkest Essex. Well, actually that’s not correct, its a very pretty part of rural Essex even in the middle of bleak winter. But the journey had to be made, to help another out, to collect something that isn’t mine, from someone who wasn’t there (are you following this?). So, although the journey took over two and a half hours, I was only at the venue less than five minutes, and then headed straight back again, with a short stop on the way down, and way back, for a coffee and loo break. So, seven hours more or less, of travelling, and not doing what I had planned to do, today.

But, it meant I could do one thing. One very important thing.

I could think.

And I like thinking, especially when its about an exciting new painting I want to do……

By the time, I’d finished off the other chores for the day, its gone 9pm. Well past 9pm. But, that doesn’t matter either, because when I’m fired up, time disappears, and I’ll happily stay up til well past midnight getting on with the art and working on a painting.

I’m still in the design process though at the moment. The part when I put some inspiring music on, and get a pencil out, and some pieces of paper, and start playing with shapes, and lines, and tones.

But, when I start work on it, I can feel the excitement build in me. The way it catches my breath as I realise that the lines are flowing. Particularly when its an erotic abstract, one depicting more than one person…..

This is going to be a good one……