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All white on the home front

The world continues to be a winter wonderland – I’ve never seen such beautiful hoar frost, covering all the twigs and foliage alike. The other day I was driving home on a lovely country road surrounded by open fields and hedgerows, and as I turned a corner saw before me a fabulous oak tree all covered in the heavy white frost, which was a joy to see on it’s own, but the day was full of patches of fog, and as the sun set behind it, the sky was the brighest lemon yellow I’ve ever seen, which framed the tree spectacularly – I suppose all the more so because it was virtually a negative image, if you consider the sky is normally blue and the tree trunk black. I said “Wowww!” out loud even though there was only me in the car, and wished I’d got my camera with me. It was only a couple of miles from where I live, and normally I would have driven home to collect my camera to return for the image – but the roads were incredibly icy, the fog was coming down, and it was dropping dark. So, with regret I carried on, and 100 yards later on the fog came down again, hiding the winter sun, and losing the lemon sky behind its bleakness. But, for one glorious minute, I’d seen it! And will carry it in my mind’s eye for ever more. Stunning scenery! The whiteness turns everything magical.

And again, that reminded me why I am an artist – so that I can capture for others a split second in time that “makes” the image.

And also whilst I’m stuck inside I’m spending my time, writing. This isn’t a new occupation for me, I’ve done it before. Infact I’ve never stopped writing since I learnt at the age of five.

But, the subject matter is new to me.

Its erotic writing.

And it’s going verrrry well….

So much so that I wonder if I have another outlet for my creativity. I’m still thinking about the possibility of a book as well…. or maybe more than one… mmm…..