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Pull it all together then!

I’ve been struggling for a while to think what image I want for my Christmas cards this year. In previous years I’ve done tigers, a snarling snow leopard, unicorns. I could do another animal, I have considered that, but I know I want to do something a bit different this year. I have had the general thought that a scene from the village I’ve moved into might be a good idea. It’s certainly a pretty village with lots of lovely old cottages full of character, an ancient small church that looks like it comes straight out of a Grimms fairy tale, and there are some gorgeous walks around here so I could do a rural scene of rolling hills and sturdy trees under winter skies. I could do all of that, but for some reason they’re not hugely inspiring me……

I know that part of that struggle for inspiration is due to the fact that I’ve got a lot of less than artistic things still going on in the background (well, its more the fore-front really!) of my life, so its difficult to get into the flow of painting when there are flurries of phone calls and emails from solicitors  full of questions that need answers regarding finances and accompanying forms to fill out and get signed, and have witnessed. I don’t mind doing it, it’s all of what I have to do to start my new life. But it’s not the best background for being creative in……..

I have ideas running though my head……

I have lots of ideas….half forming….swirling around……erotic images……erotic words…..erotic deeds…..erotic sights…….erotic stories half written…..

And seeing my new muse again last week so soon after the last time has added to those images. She is so sexy, and sensual, and beautiful. And a whole part of that sensualness of her is the fact she seems to be totally unaware of it. It is so natural in her. And yet in her everyday domestic life she doesn’t show it so much. It’s only when she has chance to blossom that it comes to light. Her man knows it, and loves to see that side of her. I see it and what to capture it. I’ve never wanted to paint anything as much as I want to paint her…….

The weather is unusual this year. Normally we don’t get any snow until after Christmas. Maybe a few flurries in the air, but nothing that even vaguely counts as even a light covering of it. But it was cold last week, bitterly cold and dry. And at the weekend there was snow, enough to get the kids excited, and for adults to be concerned about driving on the roads. It cleared a little though, but the following day didn’t get above freezing, so the hoar frost covered roof, tree branch, grass and walkways alike. Very pretty, I love it! The world has turned pristine white.

Yesterday was warmer though and it started to melt, the roads were clear and I was able to go out on my financial business. But I did notice it had snowed again late last night as I went to bed…

…This morning it was white over. A blizzard of snow. I looked out to see people trudging past on their way to work and school.

A day for stopping in.

I was due to go out but cancelled it.

I’d got better things to do.

Pictures to paint. Images to create. A Christmas card image to make.

I’ve got it! Why hadn’t I seen it before?! What image is the right one for me this year? What image is haunting my dreams and my daylight hours? What image is the one that I want to paint above all others? What image is the one that ends this turbulent year and starts the next afresh with full hope for the future?

Only one.

And it’s not tigers, or unicorns, pretty cottages, and ancient churches.

It’s my muse.

That’s what I’ll paint, along with the magic that she brings with her, for me.

That’s what I’ll paint……

…..let it snow…let it snow………let it snow…………..