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If only they knew

We’d made the arrangement for today – for him to drop in for a cup of tea and a lively chat. I just wasn’t sure exactly what time it would be, so I texted him first thing to find out. He texted back a time, and then rang me later to say he had a puncture and had to borrow another car, to get to work, but would come over later.

All fine, all normal for me. For us.

I’ve drawn him a few times before, but not for a long while, whilst I sort out my life. And it’s good for me to have the practice session of life drawing, and although he originally thought he was just coming over for a cup of tea this time, (we’re both big tea imbibers!) he was more than happy to sit naked whilst I drew him, and we chatted about the usual mix of subjects. Some sexual, some not. We have a similar dry sense of humour, so there’s usually some laughter and comments to amuse us both with our meetings and the conversations flow in an easy and relaxed manner.

And all of this is perfectly normal, in my life.

He comes in, we sit and chat over a cup of tea, he takes all his clothes off, finds a pose we’re both happy with, we continue chatting, and listen to the background music, I draw, we chat, and hopefully at the end of it I have a drawing I’m happy with.

All normal, as I say.

Except, today, there were phone calls to deal with.

Because he had a puncture, he had to arrange for the tyre to be mended, for someone to come out to the car. But the tyre replacement company weren’t happy with the details he’d given them for the tyre – they thought the particular tyre shouldn’t be on his particular type of car. So they rang him back. So, he had to answer the call. So then he had to ring to ask someone to check that the tyre was the right one, which they confirmed it was. So then he had to ring the tyre company back to tell them.

All of this whilst he’s standing infront of me.

N A K E D.

But, they didn’t know that. THEY all presumed he was a business man in a dark business suit. And indeed, he had been before he got to my house. And got his kit off. For me to draw him and think of erotic art.

We resumed the session. He resumed the pose, I resumed drawing.

And then my house phone rang……..

“Excuse me Madam, but we are a market research company who are doing a survey for the local authority about people’s leisure time, and we wonder if we could ask you a few questions about how you enjoy spending your leisure time, would you be happy to answer those questions……………..?”

a big   P    A    U    S     E         from me.

“No. I wouldn’t”

And firmly put the phone down.

They just wouldn’t understand……………………………. 🙂