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face book

Its been a good week. Not that I’ve got any painting done, but good nevertheless!

I do feel that a day not painting is a day wasted, but I know I have to get the background things set up and running before settling down to do some paintings or drawings.

But, the best part of the week was when my new aquaintance told me she’d be delighted to be my new muse! It seems she’s thrilled to be asked, and I’m certainly thrilled that she’s accepted. She said she hadn’t realised that I was serious when I asked her – but then I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t. So now I’m thinking about her features and how I want to capture them… she has a dreamy look to her, dark eyes and a mass of dark curls…. and small facial features…. and I want to capture those feminine attributes on paper.. that essence of what makes her attractive and womanly, and put it within my pictures….. mmm….. it’s got me thinking…..

And the other highlight of the week, is that I’ve joined Facebook!!!! YAY!

It’s been on my to do list for ages but without having the internet, its made it somewhat …. er….difficult!!!!!

So, I’ve been busy setting up my profile, and thinking about my favourite films, books, music to put on it. And then there has been the absolute joy of finding friends on it – some names from the past have turned up – some unexpectedly so, and I’ve made contact with them, with the greatest of pleasures! So, it’s great to be back in the world again, and catch up with friends old and new!

And, to mark the occasion of 5th November in an erotic way, I thought I’d show you some female fireworks! I adore these photos for the fabulously vibrant colours, and movement within them and think they are very sexy. I’d love to paint them, as large colourful canvas’s and I think they’d make superb erotic paintings! (I’d better add em to the “to do list!” then that I thought I’d just knocked one thing off and now I’m adding another on! )