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I’m still waiting patiently for my internet to be set up at the new house, so am having to blog where I can, on other computers. Not an ideal situation, but one I can work around, until I’m set up. At least I’ve got a landline now, althought that was a farce in the background to set that up! Having spent 26 minutes on the phone last week trying to get through to someone (well, three “someones” actually!) to be told that my details were wrong, and they wouldn’t speak to me unless I gave them my reference number (which I hadn’t got on me, as I wasn’t at home, and hadn’t expected to speak to them on that day, else I’d have taken the reference number with me!). Only to be told, when I’d given them my name, address, date of birth and new phone number, that the details I had given them were wrong. “No they’re not”. “Yes, you’ve got the birth date wrong”.  Sigh. “No I haven’t”. “Well, its not what we’ve got written down here”. “Well you’ve got it wrong, not me”. “Well, you can’t give us the date written down here, so we won’t speak to you”. “BUT, YOU’VE GOT IT WRONG, NOT ME!!!! Like you got my title wrong, my address incomplete, and now my date of birth you’ve got wrong, too!!!!” “Well. we still won’t speak to you…..” I put the phone down in complete and utter frustrated anger. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

So,the next day, when the phone engineer arrived on the doorstep to set up the landline, he was a very welcome sight! I told him about the conversation I’d had with the service provider and he said he couldn’t understand why it takes ten working days for anything to happen regarding changing lines, putting lines in, putting the internet in, or setting up the internet, and his summing up of it was “admin!” – so due to even more “admin” I’m having to wait another fortnight for internet connection……………

But, all of that waiting for phone lines being installed was over shadowed by a conversation I had yesterday with a painter and decorator. He was doing some decorating work at a house I was visiting, where my artwork was hanging on the wall. He knew that I had painted it, and he raved over it – the colours, the light, the subject matter. I thanked him, and had a big cheesy grin on my face as we talked, and I got more and more animated as I descibed other artwork I’d done – of portraits of  much beloved and much missed people for grieving families, soulful pets, special scenes, erotic art (to which he responded, “If any man tells you he’s not interested in erotic art, he’s lying!” which brought a bigger grin to my face!), the fantasy fannies, abstracts, surreal art, camouflage art with hidden messages, and erotic landscapes. His eyes widened with every description, and he said he’d look at my website with great interest. And as I got all fired up with the telling of what I’d achieved, I realised how much I’ve missed it this last year, whilst I’ve been sorting out my life, and finding somewhere new to live, and setting up my new house and studio. I can’t wait to fire my passions up again, and find new artworks to paint, new commissions to enliven peoples lives with, new galleries to hang my work, new places to sell my pictures.

And more people to tell, about what I do, and what I can do for them.