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Anything you like

My good friend from across the seas rang me yesterday – a delightful suprise to hear his voice, and satisfying for us both  to have our usual interesting chat together He could hear how upbeat I was about setting up my new house, and getting my studio up and running, and we talked of  my art, as we always do. I made the comment that I just lurvvvve painting, no matter what the subject. He laughed in agreement and said jokingly “You’d even enjoy painting my computer, wouldn’t you Jackie!” and I laughed back in amusement.

And then I realised a truth.

That I would actually really enjoy painting it – even if it was something as “unexciting” as a computer. I’d enjoy drawing it out, choosing the colours, painting it, getting the lighting and compostion right, and looking at the finished picture, knowing that I had painted it and got as good a match to the original as I could.

Having said that, I’m sure you could think of far more interesting subjects for me to paint…………………