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Some semblence of order

I’m slowly, very slowly getting the new house set up. There are some things that have to take priority – like the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. So long as there is somewhere to sleep, wash and brush teeth, and make a sandwich, and particularly a cup of tea, then the basics are there!!!! After that, the other stuff slowly gets set up – the services of water, electricity and gas, the council tax. And then the house and the stuff in life that makes life more livable…….so I’ve got to go and buy a washing machine, a front door mat, and some book shelves, some art storage cupboards, and some form of workspace for my new studio.

But, I have the basics. I have a kithcen table to paint from, and a small cupboard to put things in.

I have a lot of stuff in boxes still, though. And I am attending a workshop on Saturday – one that sounds like its going to be a lot of fun – its investigating effects in inks – both permenant and semi-permenant inks. That’s great. I have inks already – permanent acrylic inks in various shades, black ink, and Indian ink which is about as permanent as you can get. I have watercolours too, and brushes, and paper, and a workboard.

I have all of those things.

……………. Somewhere……

 In boxes. Yep, definately in boxes.

Different boxes. But all in the same room, so that helps!

But, which boxes?

I’m not sure…. I’ll have to find out though, before the weekend. And I think it may take me a while to find them…….