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Good vibrations rippling out

Well the Burton Library exhibition is going well and I’ve had some really good feedback from it already!

But sometimes its not the selling of the art that brings in the results. It’s a bit like fishing, you throw the bait out and are never quite sure what you’re going to land from it….

For instance, one guy turned up at the exhibtion purely because of my surname! His mother was also an “Adshead” and he was intrigued by me. It turned out he’d heard from another source about me – I’d emailed another Adshead in Manchester – who is interested in all things Adshead and he’d sent the link on to the others on his mailing list. So, it was like the rippling effect of Adsheads across the country!

Stuart and is wife appeared yesterday whilst I was at the exhibition, he full of beans as usual. He’s written to a national magazine about his expeience of being drawn in the nude, by me, in his usual cheekily humorous way, and is waiting to hear from them.

And the best reaction I’ve had is from the librarians themselves! They’re all upbeat and positive and very apprecaitive of all I’ve done. Even the Chief Librarian is acting like he discovered me himself!!!! But it’s my first contact that has proved the most helpful. She has given me the names and numbers of various people who I can network with who will help me promote myself. I know I have to do it myself, and nothing happens without some pro-activity from me but I’m happy with doing that. She tells me that people like me and respond to me, which I was really happy to hear.

One of her contacts is a guy who has a late night programme on the local radio show. She suggested I ring him. So I did, and left a message with his secretary, he rang back later and left a message on my voicemail, and I rang back and left one on his, twice! We seemed to be good at missing each other! When he eventually rang, we had a great upbeat and perky chat and his banter made me laugh! He asked how he could help me, and I said I’d got an art exhibition on at Burton Library. “So you want to come on the radio then do you?” “Er, do I?” I wasn’t surre. This is new territory for me! “Sure”, he said, “You’ll be fine!” “Ok”, I said, resolved to the idea. “How long do I need to talk for?” “I’ll tell you five minutes” he said, “Because it’s better than the reality!” “And what’s that?” I said, realising there was a catch to this. “An hour!” he said. I gulped.  “And because its your first time, bring some sweetieswith you!”  he said, laughing!!!!