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Creating magic and mystery

It’s good to know when you’re on the same wavelength as someone else. Particularly if they’ve commissioned a painting from you. Particularly when the subject matter is something as specific as Goddesses. Because just because I see them in a certain way, doesn’t mean the client does! So, I was happy to arrange a “work in progress” meeting, just to check that we are in tune. He had come, ostentatiously, to view the first watercolour painting, to see how the pour-on technique had created  the back-ground. And when I explained how it had worked, and pointed out the special effects it makes, he was impressed and intrigued with the outcome. Then I asked him the “Big question”……………….. “Would you like to see the oil painting? It’s not finished yet, but it is going well”………..

“Yes” he nodded, he certainly DID!!!

I had hidden it from his view when he arrived, but now I turned it around for him to see. And got the reaction I expected and had hoped for – he leant forward to it and went “Woooooooowwwwwww!”

“Yep, its loads better than the watercolour, isn’t it!” 
He nodded in mute agreement, and quietly said “I KNEW I was right to ask YOU to do it”.

We stood and looked at it, as I pointed out each Goddess and my interpretaion of her and the reasons behind it. He nodded again, then said “And you’ve got the cardinal elements in it too”. “The what?” I asked in puzzlement as I looked at the painting and wondered what it was I’d painted without even knowing it. “Earth, air, fire and water” he explained. “Ah” I said, and looked at the painting again, and realised he was right!  I had, and I hadn’t even known I’d done it! That’s what I love about these sort of pictures, when the magic happens, and evolves within the painting, and others see things that I haven’t planned, but it adds so much MORE to the painting this serendipity.

I explained about the idea of putting the diamonds within the painting, but said that I wasn’t sure they were needed now, as in a way it might be “gilding the lily” – but I would be guided by his thoughts on it. His first reaction was that he wasn’t sure that they were needed, and then he grew more sure and said not to put them in. I nodded quietly, and agreed with him that each goddess is beautiful already, she doesn’t need anything else to add to it.  He was sure about one thing though, straight away he said “Don’t change Diana!!!” and I was in total agreement with him – I keep looking at her and she mesmerises me. She is virginal beauty, in natural state, and perfect as she is. He said she was “right” where she is, in the bottom right hand corner, and I agreed with him. I put her back there after fighting my original urge to move her away from there. So she stays.

The painting is starting to pull together, the colours of the background flowing around each goddess, creating power in the flow of light around them.

It’s not finished yet, but its getting there. The client is happy, and I am happy. The magic is forming….