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Tarse 2 and Queynte 20

Well this is a meeting of international proportions….. 🙂

First we have an English fanny – Queynte 20 – depicted in subtle muted tones but still painted in acrylics. Its a fanny I’ve already painted, but it has such interesting shapes I thought I’d see what it looked like if I just tried a basic colour range but still incorporating all the tones from white to dark brown to give me the depth I wanted. You can see the full colour version on my website here to see the comparison. I love them both, but think these muted toned ones hide the image a bit more for the less exhibitionistic amongst us.
And secondly we have an American cock in full and very strong vibrant colour making Tarse 2. A lot different to Tarse 1 that I painted earlier in the year, but that was for Fitzy and had to match the delicate tones of the living flame painting it is to hang next to. So that gave me full opportunity to depict this tarse in more vivid bright colours. The photo I worked from had good strong lighting in it which gave deep shadows and I was delighed to use those in the painting to trick the eye a little. Because its very difficult to hide the shape of male genitals as they look so very clearly what they are! So as I started painting, I was aware of that and put as many tricks in as I could to hide that fact, and thought I’d done quite well until I’d virtually finished and realised that all looked fine except the left had side of the painting, which made it very clear as to what the painting was. I found that if I blanked off that first fifth of the painting, the rest of it was so abstract as to be anything. Hmmmm……. in that case I’ll incorporate some other shapes to confuse the eye. And that’s what I did. Abstract shapes. That meant nothing. Except now I’ve done them, every time I look at them they remind me of something very particular. Perhaps its the way my mind works. Perhaps you can’t see it. But I shall be interested to see if you do! And instead of taking them out, I shall leave them, as it makes me smile every time I look at them………..
And I love that I can always see other shapes within these paintings – various letters of the alphabet, a bird, and shapes that remind me of elephants, fire, dogs, deep space, and witches…….