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And the sun always shines

It seems to be that the sun always shines at the Erotic Guild of Artists event days and this month was no exception.

The first and most important thing to consider when walking through the door though, after a warm hello to my friends, was a bacon butty cooked to order and a hot cup of tea. The Guild secretary told me that my artwork had been moved to another position in the studios and I had a quick look at it to see how it all appeared. The whole place looks good now though and I’m delighted to be part of the set up there.

After the food and drink had been consumed, it was time to socialise properly – and Bob and Sandra were the first I had a chat with. It was good to catch up with them and to talk about the various paintings that were on show in the centre of the room – one of which was my brightly coloured “Fantasy Fanny” paintings that looked really striking under the spotlights. There were a number of other erotic paintings by other artists there, and for some reason a large painting by Richard of many ducks. It looked somewhat incongruous against the erotic art until I joked that actually someone had commissioned him to paint a lot of “fucks” and he’d mis-heard! And it was actually an orgy!!!!!

It was nearing time to listen to the guild secretaris usual uplifting speech about how the Guild is progressing, when he decided to practice with the microphone, went outside, came back in to the gathered throng and announced “Sarah Jane’s outside being photographed with nothing on, well nearly nothing” and then wondered why the room immediately emptied just as he was ready to speak to everyone. There really wasn’t much contest, I’m sure he understood!!!! We all went outside whilst she posed very seductively in the warm sunshine, dressed (actually!) in a skimpy black pvc dress that clung in all the right places and showed off her sexy body to great effect. She’d got a number of interested photographers at her beck and call who were making the most of capturing her talents within their cameras.

Time to hear Colins speech, and he kindly thanked me for writing the event day reports as well as mentioning various other things of interest including thanking his brother Paul for NOT being there as he was currently over in Germany attending the Venus event! But poor Colin suddenly lost his power of speech when Sarah Jane in the audience infront of him decided to show off more of her charms than he’d currently seen and took great delight in doing so! I hadn’t seen what she had done, and asked her afterwards, and was as amused as everyone else at her rearranging her top for Colins benefit!

Back to more serious matters again, and Ken showed us all the beautiful sculpture he’d made of Nicoles elegant foot taken from the body cast he’d done last month. Unfortunately she wasn’t there to see it, but I’m sure she will be delighted with it when she does.

Time for more chatting and I was pleased to see Terry who I’d not seen for a while, and catch up with him. We talked of erotic art, and I gave my interpretation of it, and said its the most difficult of art to capture as it is fleeting and subtle, and we all have our own definitions of what is erotic, and what is not. I told him about all the different styles of art I do, and how I’d learnt them from attending many workshops over the years to hone my skills. He was fascinated listening to how my art background had developed and we discussed his interest in various things to do with art.

Meanwhile, two new visitors to the Guild – Caroline and Sheila, were happy to pose for photographers in subtle stages of undress, and must have found the experience pleasurable as they are considering joining the Guild soon.

Over in the corner over the course of the afternoon, Richard was quietly painting a beautiful butterfly on the small of Mel’s back. Apparently she is considering a tattoo there and having her body painted in that way gave her a good idea of how the finished tattoo would appear.

It was good to see Chris again and catch up with him. I’d recently met another artist who used to be in the Guild a few years ago, and was considering re-joining, who Chris knew from his connections with him some years ago, so I was delighted to make the connection with him, and add to the net-working that we artists do.

Later on at the end of the day, I was able to have a longer conversation with Richard and always find him a delightfully interesting chap to listen to. We talked of our various collectors, which an artist always aspires to look for, as its lovely when someone wants to fill their house with your work. Richard has more than me and has some fascinating tales to tell of fish, grizzly bears, an assortment of celebrities, and Royalty! He also showed me the many photos of the female bodies he’s painted with various amusing images. But no male bodies – they’re more difficult to do, apparently, because of copious amounts of body hair!

Time to go, a last chat with Silvee, who was pleased to hear her stand and mine at Erotica are close, because it means she can pull faces at me!!!!

Kisses and hugs as goodbyes are said, and then its off into the fading afternoon light with a warm feeling of a happy time spent with nice people.