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Vanilla skies

I had a real nice time today, painting along-side my artists friends. Although the subject matter was of a vanilla nature, it’s good occasionally to do something totally different from the norm as a contrast, to re-establish the importance of the usual things. I produced a couple of simple, brightly coloured landscapes of trees/fields/sky in pastel, and was moderately pleased with the outcome, although pastel isn’t my favourite medium. Still, it’s always nice to be creative and see what other people produce from the same subject matter as they’re suprisingly so very diverse.

I always think its fascinating to strive to create the illusion of a 3 dimensional subject on a 2 dimensional sheet of paper, and its the technical ability of the artist that produces the magic of it (hopefully) by utilising colour, tone, line and contrast to achieve that effect. And even they are sometimes suprised at the outcome and look in astonishment at what they’ve created and wondered how! I love it when that happens.

I think I might tackle a painting of a landscape tomorrow, but more the sort of thing that I like – a fairy tale castle maybe….