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Total frustration!

The internet problem of over a week ago still isn’t resolved and I just feel thoroughly frustrated that I can’t get on with my new website! I’m all ready to go and I’m being held back by a technological hitch, not of my making, that other people seem unwilling or incapable of rectifying. I’m also feeling thwarted that because of this that I haven’t created anything art-wise this week, so with this in mind I needed to clear my head and spent three hours in the garden hacking down a very large and overgrown shrub that’s in the way of other forth-coming projects. And even though it poured with rain on me for virtually the whole time and I got throughly drenched, at least the physical work made me come away with a feeling that I’d achieved something positive at long last in this past week of stupifying inactivity. And it’ll help the shrub too, giving it a new lease of life in the spring when it sets out new growth.

Now I feel set up for the week ahead and hopefully some steps forward.