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Half dressed is sexier

I was in the mood for doing a sexy drawing the other night and had an idea in mind, so when my model turned up, suggested it to her, which immediately brought a wicked grin to her face! She’s used to posing for me totally naked, or maybe with one item of clothing in place, and the fact I wanted her to keep her clothes on was a novelty in itself ….. but I wanted her to pose with her clothes in disarray, one hand down her undone jeans, and the other at her breast, with her mouth slightly open and a look of concentration on her face. And that was how I drew her, and was delighted with the end result, because although only part of one breast was on show, it was a far sexier picture than if she had been fully naked. I did the drawing on a pale blue background, using only two coloured pencils – one in sanguine, one in black, which gave me enough tones I needed for the image, especially as the black was only utilised for her skimpy top, and the black leather belt of her open jeans, adding a nice contrast to the paleness of her skin. I’ve called the drawing “Lustful thoughts” and am delighted with the result – another one to illustrate Lucy’s stories, hopefully.