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Alive and Kicking!

At last! The new website is live! It seemed ages ago that I started work on it, and its only the intolerable delay of the internet problems that have dragged it out – otherwise it would have been three weeks ago that it was launched. Still, we’re here now, and at least I’ve been able to write up my blog as I’ve gone along. So, now I can inform everyone I know about it, as I’ve had lots of interest and enquiries regarding the new site, and was getting fed up with the pathetic excuse of the internet problems being the cause of the delay.

I’m pleased with the way the new site looks, its so much better than my last website, with lots more information, bigger and clearer images, and now half of the artwork is erotic, which is causing more interest already in a short space of time than the animals and landscapes have ever done in the past!