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A lovely new word

I read a lot of books, its a joy to get lost in the story in a book, and I have a few favourite authors whose books I know I will always enjoy. Recently my husband recommended I read the Spike Milligan war books, since he’d read them some years ago and had enjoyed them. I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy them as war books aren’t usually easy reading…but I tried the first one, and within a few pages I was laughing out loud at the way Spike Milligan described a comical situation, or the way he put humour into his conversations. I loved the first book, and have now avidly read five of his war books…and ‘Puckoon’, which is also a delight of a book…

But there was one word that cropped up in one of his books that I didn’t recognise..

And that was … ‘CREPUSCULAR’….

I had never heard of the word, and was curious what it meant…

And was delighted to find it meant relating or resembling twilight…..

One of my favourite times of day..that gorgeous misty delicate colouring….

So now I know…I want to do a Crepuscular painting!!!