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No canvas …or is there……..

Before I went on holiday I was asked to do a peacock painting in acrylics on canvas for a client. The client wanted a large canvas and I was able to findone with the art suppliers company I usually use for canvases, although I was told by them that they hadn’t got the canvas in stock when I asked in mid August, but they were expecting more stock at the end of August, so I knew when I came back from my holiday on 19th September that I could order it then.

Except when I came back from France, and looked at their website, they still hadn’t got one in stock…which was extremely exasperating, as I wanted to order it and get on with this wonderful commission.

I sent a message to the client that I was seeing if I could find another art supplier who could supply the canvas..the only thing was the canvas I was looking for was 59 x 39 inches, and 1 inch deep. Thats large…..

After a couple of hours search with another art suppliers that I haven’t used before, but I know other artists have recommended…I had found as close as I could get …this canvas was 60 x 40 inches and 3/4inches deep… I checked with the client and she gave me the go ahead, and I ordered it, and it arrived yesterday….. quicker than the original art supplier would have provided it excellent result…

I’ve got the canvas. My diligence has paid off….

So know I have the largest canvas that I have ever done, to do…its a peacock painting, in acrylics, and I will be using some metallic acrylic paints in the painting to add shine, and gleam, and sparkle to the painting…how exciting…….!

I can’t wait to get going on it…and find the magic for it….