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Looking for the extending part

The Eureka murals will at last be viewed this next weekend.

Its been a long wait for them to be viewed..

I was asked in mid January to do them, painted the working paintings in January, then had to wait til April until I had recovered from my operation to be even able to start finishing off the working paintings to be ok’s by the owners of Eureka.

I painted the walls themselves in May, which took three weeks two days to do.

Then waited until the government had decided when various venues could open, Eureka being one that was towards the end of this month.

So I’m really excited about that…

And so this week I have contacted a printer who can print copies of the artwork for anyone who wants to buy one.

And of course I have to consider that I may sell none, one, or fifty…

Or that one of the murals will be more popular than the other….

So I’m sorting that out, to see the options available…its the fun part of being an artist…along with the idea, the creation, the reactions, and then the selling again of prints of the original artwork…especially when the artwork is murals…

Exciting to see what reaction they will have…..

Those who have seen them so far have loved them…..

Almost as much as I do…and that’s saying something!