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Always a joy to do these

I was asked this week to do a Fantasy Fanny painting (Queynte). I’m always happy to do them and love the effect of them. This one will be the 24th one, so will be called "Queynte 24" when it is complete. Its to be on canvas but like the others will be in acrylics since its the perfect choice of paint to get the bright colours and abstract effect of them. They are very feminine, and very vibrant in colour and to me the ultimate piece of artwork since they are personal and individual and a wonderful celebration of all that women portray. A true representation of their most secret of places but the shapes and colours are exaggerated to make you look and wonder but not be fully sure that you are looking at what you think you might be….. a delicious joke!

But they are also anonymous.

So no one knows who exactly it is unless they choose to tell you…

And this one is going to be in very bright colours…..

Always fun, always a joy to do…