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Doubling up is worth the effort

The government has changed the rules regarding the current restrictions meaning that Eureka could open on 21st June. That means my two murals there will have to wait a bit longer to be viewed by the members.

But in view of helping the owners as much as we could my husband and I volunteered last week to help get the place open. I was more than happy to weed the flowers, and cut back last years dead foliage and weed the pots where the various flowers were growing, we weeded the car park, and washed down various surfaces inside. I washed and cleaned the sun beds by the pool, and went litter picking in the woods.

On Friday afternoon – having spent the last six days or so being busy helping I had chance to look at something that I felt needed my artistic input…it was the floor in the clubhouse and the new design for it..which had been partly done…but was needing the next part done before it was finished. The part that had been done didn’t stand out enough for my liking, and I offered to go over it again to put another layer on. The owner of Eureka agreed that I could, and supplied glue and the raw materials for the design. It was long and laborius husband and me on our knees on the concrete floor, as he applied the glue and I stuck the design, with the individual items stuck on over the first layer.

When it was done the owner said it looked better than the first layer, it stood out better, so I was very happy to hear that!

So, really happy that my artistic gut reaction was right, to do it, and even happier that the owner of the club thought so too…..

And I can’t show photos of that either, until the club opens properly!