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Not one but three, of the best possible kind!

Earlier this week I was contacted by a woman who wanted to commission me to do a painting for her, and whilst she and I discussed it she emailed over the photo she wanted doing, and also a couple of other photos of other artwork she had, that she wanted it matching to. So whilst […]

Falling in love with my favourite Kent beach

Since we are having our holiday as day trips out in Kent over the last week or so, I knew that I would want to go to my favourite all time Kent beach. I had only been once before, and that was before we moved here. And on Thursday this week the weather was perfect […]

Of course I can

Friends came to visit last Friday night, I’ve known them for a while but it was the first time they had actually come to the house and it was so lovely to welcome them in and have a meal and a drink with them. I asked if they’d like to see around the house as […]

I love it when people ask me that

Our neighbours came over for drinks last week, bearing in mind we’re still in this sort of lockdown that isn’t, but it has restrictions, and changes on a weekly basis. It was really lovely to see them and chat about all sorts of things, particularly art. She’s in her mid 60’s I think, and learning […]

This is why galleries don’t like me

Chatting with friends over the weekend who I have known for a while socially but who didn’t particularly know much about me as an artist, it amused me to describe what sort of artist I am. I paint in watercolours, and acrylics, oils, pencil, and am as happy painting trees as I am pet portraits, […]

It had to be three to create the artistic magic

I was sitting in my garden late last Tuesday afternoon contemplating the scene infront of me from the garden bench on the patio, and realised that something had to change. I knew some months ago that the raised vegetable patch that was here when we bought the house was in totally the wrong place..by a […]

I’m painting in nature

I’m painting in nature

The new decking that my husband and I have had created in the garden over the last few weeks has made a massive difference to the way the house and garden join together, as well as connecting  the lounge and kitchen together more internally, amazing what a difference it has made…more than the sum parts […]