Chasing the unicorn

Chasing the unicorn

Normally when I paint a picture its of one thing like a person, or a landscape,  I will work from real life or photos, or sometimes both. I put my own artistic input into it, with my creativity and make the painting more exciting than the image I am taking it from. Occasionally, I have been asked […]


Since overpainting the “Naked desire” painting in oils the other week and being astounded at the vast and improved difference from the original acrylic painting of it, I’ve been wondering if there are any other paintings I’ve got that I can give the same treatment to. And lo and behold – there is! ……….. Early […]

Looking for magic

Well, its here again, one of the local exhibitions I get involved in. That time, when I chose my ten paintings, trying to pick the best ones that I think will sell, that will look good as a collection, that will appeal to the buying public. And I wrap them up carefully, write out the […]

Moon struck

I went to an art workshop yesterday. I go to them regularly and always get something from the experience. The tutors are different in their approach and subject matter but they’re invariably happy to pass on tips about their painting techniques. This workshop was no different. The guy who did it though, was worried that […]