In the frame and under it!

In the frame and under it!

When it was my birthday in August my darling husband enquired a few weeks beforehand as to what I would like as a present from him. I smiled and said “That’s easy!” and when he asked with some trepidation “How easy?????” I laughed and said that I had known as soon as we moved to […]

Going up in the world

I had a real good painting session yesterday on the Royal Crescent of Bath painting that is my current commission. It’s taking longer than a painting would normally do, but that’s because of two reasons, which together make a larger practical problem. Firstly, its in oils, so its taking ages to dry between stages, and […]

People watching

When I’m out and about I tend to look at people with an artists eye – thinking how I’d love paint them if they’re exceptional in anyway. The other night in the local take-away there was a stunning looking blonde girl who’d come to collect her order, and I could hardly take my eyes off […]