Queynte 21

Here it is, painted in acrylics, on board 20 x 16 inches, the latest Queynte to join the illustrious group of very feminine portraits that I have painted -otherwise known as the “Fantasy Fannies” . Its the twenty first one I’ve done, so it’s called “Queynte 21” quite naturally. I love the mixture of strong colours against […]

Tarse 2 and Queynte 20

Well this is a meeting of international proportions….. 🙂 First we have an English fanny – Queynte 20 – depicted in subtle muted tones but still painted in acrylics. Its a fanny I’ve already painted, but it has such interesting shapes I thought I’d see what it looked like if I just tried a basic […]

Queynte 17

After the success of Nitebyrds rainbow Queynte, I thought I’d go straight onto the next one but try something a little bit different this time with the colours. And keep them to as few tones as possible within the basic colour scheme. The original idea was to try it with three tones – cream, pale […]

Queynte 16

Here she is – the next one in the Fantasy Fanny group – introducing Queynte Number 16. It’s surprised me how colourful she is (and I painted it!!!!) – a veritable rainbow of colour in this one. But those were the colours I saw when I looked at the photo I was working from, and […]

Queynte 15

Phew, at last… the unveiling of the next Fantasy Fanny! This is …….Number 15. I still find them fascinating, as I never actually know what they’re going to look like until I finish them. I’ll paint it in pieces, a scarlet here, a magenta there, orange, lime green and lemon yellow, building it up like […]

Whose fanny is THAT?

Its not often that I talk about actual sales of paintings, I talk about painting them, I talk about commissions, and I talk about exhibitions. And whereas I love painting, I also love selling my work too. And, is often the way with art and being an artist, you never actually know where a sale […]

Queynte 14

Well I’ve been fannying around again this week – up to my elbows in fanny… 🙂 Well, actually, one in particular! This one! Its taken me awhile to get around to doing it, but well worth the wait I think! Its been specially requested by Sweat shop sissy, and I had a request for the […]

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