Never stuck under the bed

Never stuck under the bed

Not all of being an artist is about painting, well I suppose it is if you want to be an amateur artist sitting at home, painting on wet afternoons, and filing the artwork under the bed to collect dust, and to be thrown away after you’ve died as your kids don’t know what to do with […]

Sh! have shouted loud for me

I’m really excited about my forthcoming solo exhibitions at the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporiums, starting with their Hoxton branch on 2nd September til 30th September, and following on at their Portobello branch in October. So, go to their Facebook page to see what they’re saying about it, and let them know if you’ll be attending……

Radio days

I was early. I had made a point of being early. Because I wasn’t sure what to expect, this was ALL new territory for me! I walked in to the reception at Radio Derby and was greeted by a smiling black girl – hardly surprising since this was the “African Caribbean Experience” show that I was […]

Good vibrations rippling out

Well the Burton Library exhibition is going well and I’ve had some really good feedback from it already! But sometimes its not the selling of the art that brings in the results. It’s a bit like fishing, you throw the bait out and are never quite sure what you’re going to land from it…. For […]

Balancing act

As an artist you’d think I spent most of my time painting – and yet…….. I don’t. Yes, I do spend a LOT of it painting or drawing but the majority of my time is actually spent doing things that are part of being an artist – updating my website, writing this blog, looking for […]

The story so far

It seems that if I’m not being creative painting a picture, I’m being creative putting words together to describe how I’m creative with producing my artwork. So, since I’ve finished the erotic landscape now, I’ve been busy over the weekend thinking about what I’m going to write about myself for a new book I’m going […]

Whats new?

I’m still thinking about what I want to do regarding promoting myself and the offer the businessman made last week to invest a lot of money in advertising me as an artist (and also wanting a large share of the profits afterwards) but part of that decision will also be formed by the fact that […]