Sweet and very eagerly anticipated

Sweet and very eagerly anticipated

Some pictures are more special than others, and this is one of them! 🙂 Ever since I painted this sexy picture last year I knew how popular it would be and that I would be doing Limited Edition prints of it, and I am delighted to announce that that is exactly what I am able to […]

It’s knowing what someone wants and offering it to them

It’s knowing what someone wants and offering it to them

But the cleverness is in finding out that that elusive *thing* IS first! I don’t always know straight away, as people don’t always tell me in the first conversation, so I try to have subsequent chats with them and remember past conversations to add to that stock of usefully stored information. Having a good memory for that, and being […]

Imprinted on my heart

It wasn’t a date as such, but it had been planned that we would meet, and I walked up the street wondering what his reaction would be. Would be be happy, or disappointed in me. There was only one way to find out. I took a deep breath, and walked expectantly through his door, with a gentle […]

Printed matter if it matters

When I set up the new website recently I knew that even though it was going live there was a big part of it that I had left out.  Not through laziness or not being thorough, but because it was just too B I G  and would have delayed everything else by a few more weeks. And […]

I’d almost forgotten

My Christmas was good, as good as I’d hoped for. Quiet on the day itself, which is what my man and I had wanted as it was our first proper Christmas together. But after that, we had various visitors, including my new muse and her husband. I always enjoy their company, as much as they […]

Almost ready and counting

I’ve spent the last six weeks working towards it. It’s so close, I can almost smell it. The aroma of…………………………….. sex, money, and good fun! 🙂 Otherwise known as…………………….. EROTICA !!!  YAY!!! So I’m just sorting out last minute jobs – printing out price lists, sorting out order forms, framing pictures, and the usual job of […]

Hit the print button

I saw a newish acquaintance last night, and during the course of our conversation asked if she had been able to look at my website since we last met. Yes she had! And was most impressed with it! Hey, thats great to hear! She loved the tigers particularly. I know, a lot of people do…… […]