Giggles, wriggles and a hairy interloper

Giggles, wriggles and a hairy interloper

I know that actors say “Never work with children and animals” but I never thought it would apply to my profession, that was, til now. This blog post is going to be a long one, cos there’s so much to tell you about. I have been exhibiting my paintings at Dame Catherine Harpur School in […]

Horsing around

Fitzy knew when we agreed the two paintings that I’m currently doing for him that if I had other deadline commissions, that they would take precedence over the timing for his artwork, and was happy with that possibility. The only reason I said it was because I knew the artwork that I’m doing for Fitzy […]

If I’m not mistaken

Do you wanna hear a funny story? Well it certainly amused me greatly ……….I’ll share it with you and see what you think…….. The other week a woman I know as a distant acquaintance from many years ago contacted me regarding wanting a painting done as a surprise for her husbands forthcoming birthday. She wanted […]

Background interference

After completing the dog portrait in time for the Christmas deadline, (even with a stinking cold!) I’m all poised to get on with the next erotic landscape when I receive a call requesting that the two women who are involved with the painting – the “requester” and the “giftee”, (ie the woman who contacted me […]

Painting an essence

As an artist, I’m always trying to capture the essence of the subject rather than just the superficial image infront of me, so it was interesting yesterday to meet a spirit artist and clairvoyant, who talked about the importance of colour in painting the soul. She sees people’s auras and paints those colours in her […]