Lucy inn the sky with delight

I caught up with my old mate Lucy Felthouse last week for a much awaited catch up chat after a short flurry of arranging and changing  dates to suit each others busy timetables. We didn’t manage to see each other at all last year with one thing and another, so it was good to see her […]

Passing on the creativity

My mate the erotic writer Lucy Felthouse came over the other night for a drink and a chat, and I know most “business” meetings are boring – but ours NEVER are!!! Since we’re never far away from what Lucy smilingly refers to as “smut”! (lovely word, so very evocative!). But when we’re both in the business of selling erotic fantasies, […]

Setting off a chain of events

Last night I spent a very enjoyable time with a diverse gathering of people from different nations. Seated at dinner, my companions were, amongst others, English, Polish, American, Scottish, Danish and Turkish. An eclectic mix, and possibly more enjoyable because of it. And most I had not met before. So, when polite discourse starts over […]

Pussies Galore

I’ve got two pussies to paint today – and both so exquisitely ………. DIFFERENT!!! The first is of a fluffy feline moggy, the sort you’d be happy to have purring contentedly on your lap. The second is most definitely not like that at all, although a lot of people might get it purring after they’d […]

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