And another goddess of the water this time

And another goddess of the water this time

I knew after painting the tree goddess a couple of months ago that I wanted to paint another goddess painting… and the obvious one was water, since I love its complexity and the challenge of painting it. Another goddess of the divine feminine,,, I finished the painting this week, and love the way that she […]

The big question

The man from ‘Frisco was keen, very keen. I knew he wanted me to draw him, when we met, I could feeeel it, within him. And on our second meeting, a year later, he was equally keen. But, he’s decided to wait, a bit longer, until he has the chance to bring someone else along. […]

Creating magic and mystery

It’s good to know when you’re on the same wavelength as someone else. Particularly if they’ve commissioned a painting from you. Particularly when the subject matter is something as specific as Goddesses. Because just because I see them in a certain way, doesn’t mean the client does! So, I was happy to arrange a “work […]

The feminine touch

The oil painting of the seven Goddesses is starting to pull together now and I’m delighted with some of the effects that I’m getting in it. I have a loose idea of how the picture will look but sometimes how it turns out even surprises me….. and I’m creating it!!!! I’m working from this watercolour […]

On Creativity

I was chatting with an artist friend and her boyfriend the other day about life, art, and creativity (as you do!). And it always surprises me to hear that other people struggle to be creative a lot of the time. It’s strange to hear because I know I am creative ALL of the time. The only thing stopping me creating […]

Like an old familiar lover

I fall into its arms like an old familiar loverI’ve missed it so.A few days away from it and my heart aches to touch it,to feel it again under my finger tips. It waits, in silence, slumbering but not asleep. Waiting, and longing, to be touched again. And I return, knowing it is calling me. […]

Eternal beauty

Now I’ve done as much background research as I think is possible for each of the seven Goddesses, I feel that I’m ready to picture what they look like for my painting. For me, they are all beautiful, in the traditional sense of the word. But, how does EACH one look? I have hazy shapes and […]