The perfect orgy

He stood alone at the bar as I walked in. I saw him straight away. He may have been waiting for me, maybe…………. I went over to him, smiling, and said hello, then “Well, how did you get on at the orgy?He grimaced and said “It was awful!”“It was?” I wasn’t expecting this response, “Why?”“It […]

An embarrassment? Me??

I forget sometimes that I can inadvertently cause embarrassment to people – especially some people I know……. On Saturday I went out to dinner with some close friends, well actually they are more like extended family, and as we did the “How’ve you been? and how’s the family?” catch-up questions, I was told by the […]

Am I that scary?

…….. So, my friend said to her friend: “I’m seeing my friend later, she’s an erotic artist”. “Oh, a neurotic artist?” “No, an EROTIC artist” “Oh” ……. and then she changed the subject. (Why does this amuse me?!)