Why you should never draw everything you see

Why you should never draw everything you see

Although I can’t yet talk about what the subject matter is that I am drawing for the client, I will talk in more general terms about it, and although the subject matter is a number of subjects, they are all landscapes of one description or another. And it’s actually helped that there is a time […]

Drawing on

Drawing on

I’ve had a couple of lovely arty days drawing. Does that sound strange for an artist? Possibly, but a lot of what I do and have done recently is painting. And whilst painting is something that’s done on top of drawing, its not often recently that I just “draw”. The drawing that I’ve done this week has […]

Earthy ideals

The paraphernalia of old potting sheds is something of a delight to a gardener. The sight of old clay pots stacked up high awaiting this years seeds, the well remembered spades and forks for digging, the old machinery taking the toil away from back-breaking labours, and over the whole pervades an earthiness of compost and old soil, of damp hessian, and the faint […]

Passing on the creativity

My mate the erotic writer Lucy Felthouse came over the other night for a drink and a chat, and I know most “business” meetings are boring – but ours NEVER are!!! Since we’re never far away from what Lucy smilingly refers to as “smut”! (lovely word, so very evocative!). But when we’re both in the business of selling erotic fantasies, […]

Be – mused

Sometimes you build things up in your head. And when you get the chance to check them out properly, they aren’t what you expected. The disappointment sits heavily on your shoulders, and you wonder how you could have been so stupid to have expected things to be any different. But, I like to look at […]

If only they knew

We’d made the arrangement for today – for him to drop in for a cup of tea and a lively chat. I just wasn’t sure exactly what time it would be, so I texted him first thing to find out. He texted back a time, and then rang me later to say he had a […]

Seeing what you hear

Most of our conversations so far have been by email. And there haven’t been a lot of those – just the basic ones to make preliminary arrangements. But we both know the other has something we’re interested in and intrigued with. I can tell that by the tone of the brief emails.  And the electronic […]

But what’s it like?

Some things have a definite answer. Particularly when it comes to time…… how long does it take to soft boil an egg? How long will it take to drive to Edinburgh? When’s tea? How long will it take you to get ready? (well.. ok, that’s EASY for a man to answer, but not a woman, […]

Bearing flowers

He arrived bearing flowers. Beautiful white roses. As he walked through the door he kissed me, a peck on the cheek. There was an understanding between us….. An easiness pervaded  the room as we chatted and I made him tea. But we both knew he wasn’t here for the chat or the tea. There was a more […]