Opening the mind up to creating good art

Opening the mind up to creating good art

I’m always interested to hear about art, and psychology, and of course when the two are used in conjunction with each other, even more so. Earlier on today I happened to stop and have a chat with a neighbour and we exchanged plesantries about Christmas and families as women are wont to do at this time […]

Abstracting concepts

Abstracting concepts

The workshop that I attended some months ago was an interesting one for me, in that we were taught about painting abstract concepts as an abstract image. I’ve done enough abstract art to know that I like it, and like the way it opens my mind up (the Fantasy Fannies paintings being my favourite set of […]

Queynte 21

Here it is, painted in acrylics, on board 20 x 16 inches, the latest Queynte to join the illustrious group of very feminine portraits that I have painted -otherwise known as the “Fantasy Fannies” . Its the twenty first one I’ve done, so it’s called “Queynte 21” quite naturally. I love the mixture of strong colours against […]

Competition answers

Thankyou for the interest in this little competition – both here as comments and privately by email. Right then, here they are the answers to the competition of the erotic abstract that looks like an abstract: 1. How many people are in the picture?     Three 2. How many men are in the picture?     One 3. How […]

Tarse 2 and Queynte 20

Well this is a meeting of international proportions….. 🙂 First we have an English fanny – Queynte 20 – depicted in subtle muted tones but still painted in acrylics. Its a fanny I’ve already painted, but it has such interesting shapes I thought I’d see what it looked like if I just tried a basic […]

Fantasy Willies

Well I thought the time would arrive at some point. There was no doubt there. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re doing a project called “Fantasy Fannies” it makes sense to do the “Fantasy Willies” too! A whole new ball game, so to speak…………! And Fitzy has decided he wants to be the first […]

Big big stuff

Well, you’re not going to believe this – but after almost a year of talking about it – I’ve finally done it! And its turned out exactly as I had hoped as well as being far more than I had hoped – if that makes sense…… I’ve painted something so very close to my heart […]

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