Surreal experience…and a first

I’ve had a lot of strange experiences, but I think yesterday was one of the most surreal ones… .. Let me explain…. it started a few weeks ago when I got chatting with a woman who’s house I pass when I go for one of my usual walks around the village.. she’s friendly and we […]

Gardening with inspiring colour

As the year starts to look like winter is slowly ending, and spring is on the windswept horizon, (on this bitterly cold windy day!) I am thinking of changes I want to make in the garden. There is something I want in my garden that I don’t currently have… It’s a tree that I always […]

No canvas …or is there……..

Before I went on holiday I was asked to do a peacock painting in acrylics on canvas for a client. The client wanted a large canvas and I was able to findone with the art suppliers company I usually use for canvases, although I was told by them that they hadn’t got the canvas in […]

France again at last

There was an enormous amount of paperwork to do before we went, but finally we were able to get on the ferry at Newhaven for the four hour crossing to Dieppe. There were about a quarter the amount of people on the ferry than would normally be there. But I was just so happy to […]

Looking for the extending part

The Eureka murals will at last be viewed this next weekend. Its been a long wait for them to be viewed.. I was asked in mid January to do them, painted the working paintings in January, then had to wait til April until I had recovered from my operation to be even able to start […]

Back in my favourite place

Since I’ve been healing from my operation back in February….there is one thing that I have missed more than any other…and that’s ……swimming…. But last week and over the weekend I’ve caught up on that big time!! Sunshine, and my favourite pool….. Bliss……………………………

Painting with nature

The weather has turned cold and grey again…not ideal for summer at all.. So while I am waiting for the summer to return I will make the most of being artistic… in the garden. When we moved to our house in Kent two years ago there were lots of problems in the house and garden […]

Always a joy to do these

I was asked this week to do a Fantasy Fanny painting (Queynte). I’m always happy to do them and love the effect of them. This one will be the 24th one, so will be called "Queynte 24" when it is complete. Its to be on canvas but like the others will be in acrylics since […]

Doubling up is worth the effort

The government has changed the rules regarding the current restrictions meaning that Eureka could open on 21st June. That means my two murals there will have to wait a bit longer to be viewed by the members. But in view of helping the owners as much as we could my husband and I volunteered last […]