At last.. the time has come

At last…the time has come for me to start the murals. The owners of Eureka love my designs that I’ve been working hard on for the last couple of weeks, and I’ve got the go ahead to start painting them! I’ve been waiting for this day since January when I was asked to do them! […]

All of this is the basis of all of that

I’m still working on the working drawings/paintings for the biggest of the two murals I am doing for Eureka. Its important that I do all this planning now, as its this process that will be the thinking behind the paintings themselves. If the images work on the small working paintings, they will work for the […]

Squared is lots of feet

I’m getting on really well with the working drawings for the murals at Eureka, including the various aspects that the clients have asked for, but delighted that they have given me a lot of creative independence as to where some of the things are placed within the images. So the basic ideas are there, the […]