The sum of my past in emails

I had a new contact to add to my "Contacts" list for emails today. As I was adding it I realised next to it there was an old name on the list from way back that I thought I’d delete as I was no longer in contact with them and never would be now I’d […]

Advertising in the Village

Advertising in the Village

When we went into lockdown, almost a year ago now, various people were anxious to pass information on that would be useful for their area, and non more so than Blue Bell Hill village where I now live, There was a bit of paper put through everyones letter boxes soon after lockdown, informing us of […]

Healing in all its forms

It’s almost four weeks since I had the hysterectomy and I am still slowly recovering. I knew all along it wasn’t going to be a quick process, and am mentally resigned to the fact it will take time. I have a bit more energy than I had a couple of weeks ago, but am still […]