Put me on hold til then

With a flourish, the artist signed her name, content in the fact that the painting, infact this most difficult of  difficult paintings, was completed. She stood back, and viewed her artwork, yes, it was all there, the castle, the dragon, the landscape, the muted colours, the flowing river, the setting sun, all there. And regardless […]

Snow stopped play

Snow stopped play

I love twilight, its my favourite time of the day, when the  golden afternoon light goes hazy and starts to turn to the purple night. But, with the abysmal weather we’ve had this week, the depressing grey light starts to fade by 5pm, and although its not night-time, it might as well be when you’re trying to […]

That was the word I was looking for

Having spent a lot of Friday drawing out the last part of the working drawing for the “obscure as it is obvious” picture, I was as sure as I could be that I had got it all right. Admittedly the dragon itself was always going to be the  most difficult part, since everyone has their […]

Obscurely emerging and starting to breathe fire

The “obscure as it is obvious” picture that I wrote about a couple of posts ago is slowly coming together. I now have the concept, that came in a week of intense thinking and sketching out ideas on paper,  chatting with the client and asking his thoughts. It’s just depicting it in the working drawing […]