Its far more often than every four years

What do you write about on the extra day of the year, the one that you don’t normally get? Do you write about things you’d normally write about, or something different? MMMmmmm……… Well the first thing I’ll write about is a phone call from a happy customer – Stuart Haywood – who wanted me to […]

New erotic homebase

You know there can’t be many places where its normal to walk in for the first time and there’s a half naked woman surrounded by six men, all their attention on her.  And as I stand quietly to the side of the room, they don’t notice me at first (and why would they!?) but then one […]

Linked up writing in the erotic style

I spend my life with the sort of people I feel comfortable with –  a lot of artists, writers and photographers, not in a rubbing along in a commune sort of way you understand, but in a periphery sort of way that is friendship, since I love chatting about creativity, the interaction of the human spirit […]

Friday eroticism deconstructed

Mmm……I’m not sure what to write about today, shall I tell you about my trip to the framers (not farmers, framers) earlier, or the chat about erotic art with the woman who runs a private adults club, or my meeting regarding my exhibition in Ravenstone (0f very much a non erotic nature), or the tangible excitement emanating off […]

For lovers everywhere

February 14 – Valentines Day – that date causes so much heartbreak and sorrow when you’re a teenager (yes I remember the heart wrenching unadulterated big teethy grin and shining eyed JOY of realising that the guy you’ve fancied for months and months does actually know you exist and sent a card to prove it, right!) and […]

Unveiling Stuart in all his glory

Unveiling Stuart in all his glory

 Here it is then, in all its technicolour glory! Stuart’s pride and joy, and mine as well. As I explained in the last blog post its been a complex image to create, to bring all the aspects that we had agreed would be in the picture together, for them to interact and be of equal […]

Nature, nurture, and naked at seventy five

Nature, nurture, and naked at seventy five

Some pictures are simple to paint, others more difficult.  Not difficult to paint them you understand, just more complex ideas to pull together and get right in the painting. And the one I’ve just finished for Stuart Haywood is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, not at all, infact I love it, […]