It may be cat heaven but

Christmas was all I hoped it would be. Perfect and tasty traditional fare prepared and cooked at a relaxed pace , a huge pile of chocolates to get through (I’m still working on that one, although you can keep all the coffee flavoured ones, what IS the point of those damn things?), phone calls with family including the charming one […]

Hold the Christmas spirit tight

Hold the Christmas spirit tight

Talking to various friends over the course of this last week both sides enquiring about preparations for Christmas celebrations, who is away at expensive country hotels with close family, who is cooking large table groaning turkeys for extended families at home, who is having a simple meal, who a vegetarian nut-roast, who hates it, and who loves […]

No sugar coated placebos

One of the things I love, are the unexpected side effects.  They give me as much of a high as the main aspect of it, even thought they usually turn up out of the blue, not searched for specifically but they happen around me in a delightfully natural way and give me an immense amount of  pleasure […]

Feeding my addiction

I have to confess, much as it surprises me, I have an addiction. Other than drinking daily copious amounts of tea, that is. It’s one that I really don’t want to give up, and I need my regular fix of it, like any addict. It doesn’t keep me awake at night, but it does become part of my […]

It’s knowing what someone wants and offering it to them

It’s knowing what someone wants and offering it to them

But the cleverness is in finding out that that elusive *thing* IS first! I don’t always know straight away, as people don’t always tell me in the first conversation, so I try to have subsequent chats with them and remember past conversations to add to that stock of usefully stored information. Having a good memory for that, and being […]

Members arise!

My writer friend Stuart Hayward rang me this week to tell me he’d looked at my blog and website, and liked what he saw! And so he should I laughed, he’s been featured in it enough times! He seemed to be surprised at that, but I have drawn him quite a few times, and we chat […]