Strangedaze in stargazing pie

Somedays just start strange. Some days start strange, and get stranger, and this was one of em! It started, after waking from a slightly disconcerting dream featuring among other things, Paul O’Grady serving me breakfast (!) to my friend K coming around for a quick cup of tea, to discuss dates for when I next […]

Communicating through the heart through art

I’ve painted many pictures for a lot of people in my life. I’ve painted a lot of pictures for various people I’ve never met, and as much again for the people who are special to me, past and present; its my gift to them.  I adorn my walls with art that cheers me, and put a lot […]

Imprinted on my heart

It wasn’t a date as such, but it had been planned that we would meet, and I walked up the street wondering what his reaction would be. Would be be happy, or disappointed in me. There was only one way to find out. I took a deep breath, and walked expectantly through his door, with a gentle […]

Vibrancy and colour in a prime location

The workshop was about “Colour in landscape” so I’d got two clues as to what it would be about! But there was more to this one, as it was colour theory. And using pastels. I always surprise myself when I use pastels, as I usually say that I don’t like using them, and yet when I […]

Tightening the loose elastic

Tightening the loose elastic

I always think of drawing skills as a piece of elastic. It always there, but unless you do some regularly, then the elastic gets a bit, well,  saggy. It’s still there, it won’t break, or disappear, but it’s not as taut as it should be. Some artists say you should do some drawing every day, I […]

Printed matter if it matters

When I set up the new website recently I knew that even though it was going live there was a big part of it that I had left out.  Not through laziness or not being thorough, but because it was just too B I G  and would have delayed everything else by a few more weeks. And […]

Insights into my world

Insights into my world

Sometimes when it’s time to write a blog post, there’s an easy subject to write about – the latest painting I’m working on, the latest strange conversation that’s made me laugh, the latest visit to something that relates to art or erotica.  But that’s giving the impression that I only do the odd thing every […]

I’ve never seen her before in my life

He arrived on my doorstep today, as we’d planned. And I knew before he had even walked through the door, what he was after. But, I sidestepped, and changed the subject before he had chance to say anything, and instead lead him into my studio to see the canvas I’d started painting yesterday, the one that […]