Sh! have shouted loud for me

I’m really excited about my forthcoming solo exhibitions at the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporiums, starting with their Hoxton branch on 2nd September til 30th September, and following on at their Portobello branch in October. So, go to their Facebook page to see what they’re saying about it, and let them know if you’ll be attending……

Cleaning up and not being Adam

Every so often I invite complete strangers into my house. Its not often, and there is always a reason. The latest reason being that I wanted my stairs carpet cleaning. The guy arrived, later than he had anticipated, well into the afternoon, and had another couple of appointments to do after me. So, he was running late, and […]

Family unit

The last week has been a blur of days out with my nephew and his friend. The highlight of which was probably Alton Towers which was their, and my, first visit. And although the thought of going on the well named Oblivion ride was too daunting even for teenage boys, they loved Nemesis (and I […]

Well cool and lush

My sixteen year old nephew has come to stay with me for a few days, along with his male friend, and I’m enjoying having two teenagers in the house (yes, really, I do mean it). Its the first time they’ve been to see my new house and it was described as “Well lush” which seems to give […]

Earthy ideals

The paraphernalia of old potting sheds is something of a delight to a gardener. The sight of old clay pots stacked up high awaiting this years seeds, the well remembered spades and forks for digging, the old machinery taking the toil away from back-breaking labours, and over the whole pervades an earthiness of compost and old soil, of damp hessian, and the faint […]