Tits and all

The art workshop being the first one of the calendar year tends to be a little more off beat than the others. I think the organisers think that we need something stimulating (and messy!) to get our creative juices running. And I tend to agree, as it certainly helps me get my mind and art […]

Windows on the world

There I was, quietly working away, when… The phone rang……. I answered it (as you do….) “Hello, can I speak to Mrs G”“She doesn’t live here any more”“Oh. (pause) Are you the new home owner?”Cautiously I replied with a “Yes”, waiting for the loaded next question….“In that case, do you know that your windows need replacing?” she chirpily […]

Awaken within

Today was going to be reasonably quiet, with me working on the new painting later on – probably about sixish. But, as is sometimes the case, things didn’t go quite to plan…….. It turned out that I had to make a journey today I wasn’t expecting, a car journey to deepest darkest Essex. Well, actually that’s […]

The Artists House

When my new friend the muse visited my house over Christmas, she wasn’t sure what to expect she informed me after the visit. She hasn’t known me long, and didn’t come to my previous house, so she only knew what she had seen of ME, and of the conversations we had had….like when you pick up […]