I had two very enjoyable days over last weekend. But the character of each day differed greatly from the other. On the Saturday the snippets of conversation were “Oh, that’s a good picture, Jackie” …”This is fun, making these prints, isn’t it!”………”I love your use of floral shapes”………”I’m covered in black ink, but I think it’ll […]

Finding love

Buying a new house means a lot of blank walls suddenly open themselves up to new possibilities. But, that all has to wait until the fundamental stuff has been done. Things like putting saucepans and crockery in kitchen cupboards, toothpaste and soaps in the bathroom, hanging clothes in wardrobes, placing books on book shelves (particularly when […]

Anything you like

My good friend from across the seas rang me yesterday – a delightful suprise to hear his voice, and satisfying for us both  to have our usual interesting chat together He could hear how upbeat I was about setting up my new house, and getting my studio up and running, and we talked of  my art, as we always […]