Recollections of the collection

As I had fully expected, the postman arrived today bearing a long letter from Stuart writing about his experience of commissioning me to do the cheeky cards artwork for him. He has given permission for me to print the pertinent parts of it here……. Dear Jackie Enclosed are my recollections of the production of the wonderful […]

Cheeky cards and cheeky boy

Stuart arrived grinning and with an armful of fresh flowers for me, more fragrant blooms from his garden – delightful pink and red camelias vibrant with spring joyfulness and as I put them in a bowl and found water for them, he was buzzing with excitement. He declined the tea I offered him and looked at […]

Letters sent from the heart

As I had expected I had a missive from Stuart this week describing his feelings about our drawing session the other day and his thoughts about the next one…. the salient points are here….. Dear Jackie     Thankyou for the beautiful drawings you created yesterday. It was an enjoyable and interesting afternoon if rather arduous. I did not realise […]