As far as excuses go

I know people have busy lives. I know that people aren’t always able to keep the appointments they make for various reasons. So when a client rings me within half an hour of the time they are due at my house to say they can’t keep the appointment they made but will re-schedule the meeting […]

Buzzing with blue fingers

I’ve come home with blue fingers, and that’s always a good sign of an enjoyable day. Well actually, they’re blue, red, yellow, purple and white fingers, and I’m hoping that it’ll wash off with some success…… I’ve been to an art workshop today, painting contemporary landscapes in acrylics with a palette knife, so very messy and […]

Eternal beauty

Now I’ve done as much background research as I think is possible for each of the seven Goddesses, I feel that I’m ready to picture what they look like for my painting. For me, they are all beautiful, in the traditional sense of the word. But, how does EACH one look? I have hazy shapes and […]


If Samuel hadn’t had a daughter called Sophia in 1793 whose sons were blacksmiths If Mary (born 1796), and a widow at 26, hadn’t gone on to marry James and had a son called Eli If James and Mary hadn’t had an 8th child, a daughter called Sarah, born in 1798 If Samuel and Elizabeth […]