Queynte 16

Here she is – the next one in the Fantasy Fanny group – introducing Queynte Number 16. It’s surprised me how colourful she is (and I painted it!!!!) – a veritable rainbow of colour in this one. But those were the colours I saw when I looked at the photo I was working from, and […]

Digesting and regurgitating

Sometimes, (no, I’ll change that to most of the time!) being an artist isn’t about being an artist. Its also about being an administrator, an advertising hording, a listener, a chaser of information, and being able to digest the information I glean from other places, sift through it, and put it into other more practical […]

More fannies to come

The art demonstration on my website has been updated now and shows the different stages of the watercolour landscape painting “Joyeuse S and M” that I’ve been telling you about, from start to finish. Stage one, pick up pencil, stage two start drawing…. No, actually, its not that bad!!! LOL I think its quite interesting, […]


Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious. Sometimes you have to do some lateral thinking. I’ve been doing quite alot of that recently. Not that its brought me many answers yet, but I think it will, in time. How can I make more money through my art. What are the options? To paint more […]