I had a chat with Stuart earlier, he wanted me to know that he’s written an article about his experience of being drawn by me, for the local paper. Although they have accepted some articles he’s written, they aren’t so sure they’ll publish the one about me drawing him in the nude……. I can understand […]

Big scary tiger!

Sometimes the world doesn’t take you to where you’re expecting to go. I went to an art workshop today, to a place I know very well, along with people I know very well. And I expected the day to go the way it normally does. The world has a pattern I am familiar with, and […]

Fantasy Willies

Well I thought the time would arrive at some point. There was no doubt there. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re doing a project called “Fantasy Fannies” it makes sense to do the “Fantasy Willies” too! A whole new ball game, so to speak…………! And Fitzy has decided he wants to be the first […]

Queynte 15

Phew, at last… the unveiling of the next Fantasy Fanny! This is …….Number 15. I still find them fascinating, as I never actually know what they’re going to look like until I finish them. I’ll paint it in pieces, a scarlet here, a magenta there, orange, lime green and lemon yellow, building it up like […]

Whose fanny is THAT?

Its not often that I talk about actual sales of paintings, I talk about painting them, I talk about commissions, and I talk about exhibitions. And whereas I love painting, I also love selling my work too. And, is often the way with art and being an artist, you never actually know where a sale […]

Queynte 14

Well I’ve been fannying around again this week – up to my elbows in fanny… 🙂 Well, actually, one in particular! This one! Its taken me awhile to get around to doing it, but well worth the wait I think! Its been specially requested by Sweat shop sissy, and I had a request for the […]