An embarrassment? Me??

I forget sometimes that I can inadvertently cause embarrassment to people – especially some people I know……. On Saturday I went out to dinner with some close friends, well actually they are more like extended family, and as we did the “How’ve you been? and how’s the family?” catch-up questions, I was told by the […]


I’ve spent the day getting mucky. A normal state of affairs, you would think for an Erotic Artist !!!?! But this isn’t normal dirty mucky – this is arty mucky, involving acrylic paint and palette knives! The sort of day that you come back with bottle green paint down your finger nails, yellow ochre in […]


She’s gone. Out of my life. I’ll probably never see her again. So, that’s it – its final. Finished!! And I’m missing her already. She’s been such a large part of me, and my life, even for the short time I knew her. But, she was mine, then. And I suppose, still is. And always […]